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Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 3

I'll try to conclude the first day in this part. Posting many, many pictures takes time and Streamyx is holding me back at the same time. Even as I type this, I just got disconnected once again. Sigh. I was disconnected for a whole entire 24 hours yesterday before I try to connect to the Internet once again earlier this morning. I feel as if I have lost hope in Streamyx and always feeling unsatisfied with what I'm getting for broadband...
End Rant

Day 1 - Kuala Lumpur
Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 1
Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 2 - Cosplay Competition Preliminaries
Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 3
Day 3 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 2 - Final

Day 3-4 - No Concert Tickets = Go Shopping

At any rate, read on for the rest of the first day.

EDIT(18/7/09): Add on one more part for the "report". =)
Post Highlights: Karaoke Competition Preliminaries & Funny Cosplay Competition Finals

Part 1: Karaoke Competition Preliminaries
I don't really have much photos for this even though, but here are some Youtube videos for some of the better karaoke attempts. Some were less than nice to hear during the competition, some forgot some of the lyrics, some were either to fast or too slow and some were just good, real good.
Note: None of these videos are mine, so credit goes to whoever uploaded them. Thank you for their efforts in taking time to video the competition and uploading them. I do have some but Streamyx makes it impossible for me to upload anything.

Storm Dance Tropper was fun. It was hard for him to talk through his helmet thus making it difficult to hear him. Some of my friends commented he should just air guitar on stage to make it just look cool even though it is a karaoke competition. XD

She was pretty good.

Hrm, the background music can be hardly heard. IIRC, she was pretty good too.


Nicely done.

No comment.

No comment.

No comment.

Part 2: Cosplay Competition Finals - Hilarity, Yaoi and Yuri

First up, Dante & Mario. Their's were simply gold. =D

Interesting but some parts could have been better.

Helping out Elizabeth to get Ciel? Haruhi? Some hilarity and Haruhi attack ensues. XD

Can you guess who will be the top three winners?

Part 3: Minorin Appears & Rage?
By 4pm... Minorin appears! Unfortunately for me, I did not buy the ticket for the concert. Non-ticket-holders are blocked out from the stage area of the Grand Hall. Whoopie. But why can't the non-ticket-buyers just view the Q & A and autograph sessions? Is it that wrong to view? Especially since only ticket buyers get to ask questions and get an autograph. I just felt that it is lame for them to not permit us to simply view this event. If it is during the concert, I fully understand, but for this, I just feel annoyed. We simply get shafted.

Furthermore, Minorin gets crowded by bodyguads and they all walk in a group at 3x the normal walking speed. Talk about secretive. No money, no SEE? Sigh, ah well, I guess that is the unfortunate result of us lesser fans/non-fans/cheapskates.

The whiteboard the Daicon committee used to blocked entry to the sitting area. Some people had whiteboard markers... rage ensues... I didn't write anything though, since I didn't want to make myself "look bad". =P

My fail attempt at sneaking a shot through one of the "holes" before I got blocked. Wished I had a DSLR camera like most of anyone during the convention...

Okay, let me be reasonable here.

At 4pm, everyone who held the ticket are welcomed to the sitting area near the stage. Those without are not permitted unless you are either the press or the Daicon committee members. Even though Minorin was scheduled to be there by 4pm for the Q & A session, she arrived a bit later. She came surrounded by many bodyguards around her and they move real quick. I tried to get a shot but failed terribly. XP

Before she came, the seated audience/fans chanted her name; "Minorin!" "Minorin!" "Minorin!". It wasn't that excessively loud though, but you can feel their enthusiasm dropped after a few shouts. XD

I think by around 4.20~30pm, the Q & A session finally started. Lucky people get to ask questions and they get answered. I don't really remember what was asked though, but there were a few interesting stuff.

Question gist: "Interesting moment during voice recording."
Answer gist: "Suddenly when Kyon's voice actor acted out of the script, she had to improvise."

Question gist: "Marrige."
Answer gist: "Her career is more important right now, so not yet."

These are just stripped down version of some of the more intersting questions I managed, though not so accurate.

At any rate, I found a Youtube video!

The Q & A ended with this:

After that, they had an autograph session where the fans brought some official merchandise or board for her to sign for their eternal happiness. =P

It all ended by around 7.40pm. Wow, really long. This is especially tiring for the 3 of us who did not purchase a ticket, having to wait for our other 5 happy friends. =/

Okay, I guess that ends the first day. Second day will come when Streamyx stops being annoying.

EDIT: Okay, continuing the story.

Part 4: Pains of Return
Going back to the hotel was a major pain. Not only that we had to wait roughly for an hour before the T429 bus arrived, we were at the wrong side of the MMU. D=

Luckily for us, there was a shuttle bus that goes around MMU and we managed to get a ride on it. It was free, so no worries there. After a short trip, we finally arrived at the right bus stop in which we only needed to wait just a little while longer before the great amazing bus that is T429.

In just a short time worth of roller coaster styled driving, we reached the Cyberjaya/Putrajaya station at where we waited for our KLIA Transit ride back home. There was a short wait of around 15 minutes(IIRC) before the train finally came. A short ride later, we were at the KL Sentral and then we hitched the final KTM back to Pasar Seni. A great note of caution, KTM is pain. It is always full and people get pissed off easily getting in and out of the train. It is not hard to understand why some large city people can really be unhappy most of the time. =P

By roughly 10pm, we were finally at Pasar Seni station, went back to the hotel and then had a late night meal at the closest fast food restaurant - McDonalds.

Some of us slept quite "early" that night, right before 12am, all ready for the concert on the next day...


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