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Day 3 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 2 - Final

Delayed post here due to Streamyx. Luckily, it looks like my connection finally stabilized and stayed on for a longer period of time... hopefully I'm not talking too soon...

This post won't be long as I did not spend the entire day at Daicon on this day due to the lack of a concert ticket and that I wanted to visit a certain mall I always never get to go to whenever I get to go to Kuala Lumpur...

Day 1 - Kuala Lumpur
Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 1
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Day 3 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 2 - Final

Day 3-4 - No Concert Tickets = Go Shopping

Read on for the 2nd and final day of Daicon 2009... well, as far as I can talk about. =P
Post Highlights: Karaoke Competition Finals & 2nd Day Cosplayer Pictures

Part 1: Arriving Late
Today, some of us decided to try to use the E1 bus to get there in pursuit of saving some cash. RM5 for a return trip is way better for 2 KTM rides and a return trip pricing for the KLIA Transit. Then again, I only bought a one way ticket as I had other plans for the afternoon. A one way ticket costs RM3 however...

The bus starts from Pasar Seni and goes until the Cyberjaya/Putrajaya station. Much cheaper and less transitions of transports for us. Then again, we had to wait quite sometime before the bus arrived... making us a bit tardy for Daicon. IIRC, the bus came around 8.30am and we reached the station at 9.40am. The T429 was fortunately right beside us on that day and we thought we could immediately use it to go to MMU(Multimedia University)... Nope, no way. e had to waituntil 10am as it was either because the driver needs some rest or he's just following a schedule.

Only by 10.20am did we reach the gates of MMU and finally enter the Grand Hall by 10.30am. I was unimpressed as the group that used the KLIA Transit reached there earlier than us. XP

Part 2: Cards
Actually, there was a WeiB Schwarz Battle. It is some kind of TCG(Trading Card Game) which was held on 10.30am the day before and on this day. I didn't really go deep into it and just passed by the booth though. No pictures were taken as it didn't really take my greater interest, money and reading wise. X|

Part 3: Karaoke Competition Finals!
I came here, so I decided to sit down quite close to the stage today to witness talented people who can memorize and sing a foreign song very well.

I did take some pictures of this event, some rather good ones, but I rather let the Youtube videos do the talking as they present these scenes much better than still pictures. Unless, of course, I could not find Youtube videos for them. =)

BTW, I didn't see the results(since they are after the concert), so I don't know who won and don't really remember who even though I asked one of my friends who stayed for the concert. I'll just comment tidbit after every video(when possible). =)

I don't remember what they sang but, IIRC, they sang rather well. The girl in white won 1st place. Pictures courtesy of SwatWolf.

The duet singers. They won 3rd place.

I guess it was okay. I guess.

I was expecting great things from her that day. Unfortunately, her timing was off.

Same song as the first day. She sang it very well. The judges commented how it was better than when she sang it the day before. IIRC, she won 2nd place.

The only male finalist! OMG! He was okay I guess, but maybe he should had sang some GAR songs... XD

No comment.


She closes her eyes most of the time and looks like she was in pain. Her timing was slightly off due to, I guess, the song is a pit fast paced. =P After her song was done, she said that she was very nervous during the song.

The extra final contestant was the announcer! Very fun moment, many joined in during the song, including me, for the lulz! =D

Yep, that's all for the karaoke event. Sorry if the people I said who won were wrong, I only got the results from my friend in a quick mention and my memory isn't the best. =P

Part 4: Character Design Competition & Lucky Draw
Unfortunately, I have no clue what happened for these events entirely. I just know that right after the karaoke competition finally ended, the announcer told the crowd to go register for a character design competition. I didn't partake myself in it as I do not have time and have low confidence in myself. =P

There was also a lucky draw session being held. As I was already going to leave the place to go to Berjay Times Square with two of my friends, I also didn't manage to get myself into it. The prizes were pretty nice, goodie bags!

Part 5: Concert, Minorin & Lulz
By 2pm, everyone have to clear the stage area as the committee has to prepare for the stage. I wasn't here anymore at this point of time, so I can't exactly report on this part. However, getting some comments from 5 of my friends who went to the concert, I can only tell you all that it was fun and most people got high post concert.

The concert stated roughly at 3pm according to the schedule and lasted for 1 hour and a half. For some more information, you can read SwatWolf's blog entry here.

Of course, there were people who was high enough to do this. Drinking Minorin's unfinished bottled water drink and receiving an indirect kiss without thinking of the consequences? A Malaysian hero is born?

Part 6: Cosplayers, Even From Singapore!
All the following images are courtesy of SwatWolf once again. He really put a lot of effort in capturing almost everything!

I really like the Storm Trooper and Obi Wan the most. XP

Part 7: Art from Character Design Competition
The 1st and 2nd ones looks really nice but I don't really like the 3rd and 4th ones. I didn't take these photos also since I wasn't available, so I dunno what happened. Ah well, let the photos do the talking. XP

Part 8: Prizes
These should be all the winners for various competitions, but I'm not too sure. I heard Mario got 1st place for the cosplay competition but I guess he changed "clothes" on that day.

Part X: Randomness
Damn, I totally missed this random epic turn of events! OMG, I see Haruki! =O

Sorry for the vague later more important half as like I said before; I left by afternoon. Since I didn't have a concert ticket nor joined any competitions, I felt the need to linger and simply watch too time wasting. Then again, I won't be able to get a view on the concert anyways as they brought the gates that day. =P

Overall, it seems like Daicon was really fun and interesting. Many people came and a decent number of people participated in each event. I may not have typed out all that had happened then(since my memory is rather vague already and constant DC due to Streamyx problems) but these pictures SwatWolf(mostly) and I took can give you all some visual experience. =D

I might add on more to make the overall Daicon "report" more clearer later on, but it depends if Streamyx stop being a ***** and time constraints that will come to me soon... =/


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