Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Problems Arise Again - Streamyx DC

GAH! WTF?! I just wanted to post up my HG Exia R2 review last night! But NO~! Streamyx started having frequent disconnections, AGAIN! GRAAAHH! Frustrating. Right now, I can't really do much of anything, so sorry for those who want some more stuff posted up. ^^;

For Kevin who ask for more TT Hongli reviews - I have recently built a HG Kyrios which I am going to review soon. ^^ I'm pretty happy with this one as it is quite sturdy. More on that once Streamyx revert back to "normal". =/

At any rate, if Streamyx don't revert back to normal by this Friday, sorry to say, there won't be any updates until Monday night next week at best since I'm going to KL for Daicon located at MMU Cyberjaya. If you're going there also, you might meet me especially near the Litt Tak area of the Daicon getting me a free FG Gunpla... yeah, FG, that's what I heard they are giving out. But, ah well, free Gunpla! C'mon, at least give some HGs! D=

Also, a little look at the current insane amount of Exias I have with me thus far which will grow even bigger soon... hehe.

I haven't finished the SD though, just the torso and head. XP

In all hopefullness, I hope the Internet connection will be fine by tonight. But for now... I think I'll go and take some pictures of the TT HG Kyrios. ^^


Chris said...

Ah.... and I thought I have too much Exias. lol


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