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Day 3-4 - No Concert Tickets = Go Shopping

This will be a short post to complete my KL trip post set, since I put the first day up. I'll make this short and simple.

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Day 3-4 - No Concert Tickets = Go Shopping

Note: TL, DR

Post highlights: Times Berjaya Square, Midvalley Mega Mall
Note: Almost no pictures available...

Part 1: First Stop, Times Berjaya Square
On the night before, 2 friends of mine decided to not stay at MMU and go shopping as we did not have concert tickets to watch Minorin's concert. Me, being an opportunist, took this opportunity and joined them shopping.

By 1pm, we left the grounds of MMU, took the T429 bus(GREAT TIMING), then took the KLIA Express to KL Sentral and finally took a taxi to Times Berjaya Square(BTS).

At first, when I entered, I thought the place was rather small as it seemingly looked like it was only 3 floors high. Afraid I WAS TERRIBLY WRONG, the place was HUGE and it has like 6 floors. To make matters "painful" I circled the entire place like twice by days end but I didn't go to every nook and cranny though.

The place was mostly disappointing to me as I mostly saw clothing shops, remore controlled toys shops and misc shops. That is until a friend's friend who live nearby came along to guide us. Interesting guy, his English pronounciation seems to be much better than what I've been experiencing. After we met up, we split into 2 groups and went around. I went with a guy who wanted to buy some clothes. At first we went around for a bit just to be disppointed in the lack of proper choice of clothes until we went to Metrojaya. Luckily, there was something there he liked.

At the same time, I went to the toys section and picked up some stuff which was going for a really "good" price at that time.

The action base was the last one and was still selling at the old price and the 00 Gundam was 20% off, so I was like; "Why not?". Haven't built both of them yet BTW.

Later, thanks to the KL aquaintance, I managed to find the elusive Graffiti Toys shop! OMG, this shop was small and situated on the 5th floor of BTS(which I missed earlier). Even if it was small, it has stacks of Gundam boxes touching the ceiling! Woah, never seen such display before.

Which I was at that shop, I almost bought a PG Strike Gundam. It was like RM519 which was like a really good price nowadays but my budget did not allow me to do so. In the end, I just bought...
Err... yeah. Two unwanted Gundams and the lackluster HG Hi-Nu.

The HG Hi-Nu was normal priced while the other two was at let go prices(as they are less wanted items due to MG Exia's coming). I thought long before decided to buy them as there were a lot of choices such as the MG Destiny FBM which costs RM259. Quite a reasonable price but I didn't buy it in the end. Ah well, I'm pretty pleased with my choice anyways as I wanted the Astraea for a while but the Trans-AM Exia will just be a buy it for collection's sake(not going to build it for now). Since I'm not getting the MG Hi-Nu(didn't really feel enough to spend 7000 Yen for a single MG yet), I just bought the HG Hi-Nu which I think is enough as I just like its design.

By around 4.30pm, we moved on to another shopping complex, Midvalley Mega Mall.

Part 2: Midvalley Mega Mall, Once Again
We part ways with the KL aquaintance and took a really unpleasant ride on the KTM to get to the place we wanted to go to. Really extremely crowded and we had to wait for a long arse while before we could get on the KTM. Extremely crowded and stuffed, we had to sandwich ourselves just to get in and out of the train. It was even worse with the extra stuff I had on me(backpack and shopping purchases).

After the pain that is KTM, we decided to never use it ever again if possible in the near future.

At least we managed to get to Midvalley by evening though sweaty and feet feeling extremely sore. We went to eat at Carls Jr. once again as hunger stroke really bad by that time as we all did not have lunch. This time around, I ordered a small meal set as I know I will be really stuffed by the time I'm done eating especially when I ordered the special offered Teriyaki burger...

Not too long after we finished our really filling dinner, we went around the mall mostly window shopping as we didn't have anything in mind to buy.

By 10pm we got back to our hotel rooms and gathered some feedback from the "concert go-ers" who simply commented that the concert was something mere words cannot explain. Sounds like it was great though maybe I didn't care enough for it in the end... then again, I never once in my life went to such concerts except that one time when I had to accompany someone to the Christian concert.

Part 3: Saying "Sayonara" to Kuala Lumpur
The 4th day was really a bummer. It was really a short stay at such a big place which begs you to stay longer to explore completely. But alas, we were not able to as most of us weren't earning our own cold hard cash yet.

We ate some lackluster breakfast at the hotel and left the place by around 8am by train. After we reached KL Sentral, we took the bus for a 1 hour ride to LCCT which by then was around 10am by the time we reached our destination. We had barely any time to wander around and we soon had to catch our flight which was scheduled at 11.45am...

By 1.15am, we were back at Kuching once again and resumed the remainder of our holiday.

And, that's all. If you read that, at least you might know me a bit better and that you just filled your mind with a quick half-assed typed "report". Well, there wasn't much to say on the remaining part of the trip anyways. =P


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