Friday, July 31, 2009

Where Did Everyone Else End Up To?

This post is dedicated to my Swinburne classmates.

So, where did you all end up to? You don't know yet? Well, you should check your student webmail frequently as advised by the Swinburne staff though I just decided to peep at mine today once again. Lo and behold I found an email dated 10 days back about the re-enrollment stuff.

I censored all the names on the picture above BTW for privacy's sake. This is the WWW after all, cannot just let the world know who you are so easily. =P

At any rate, looks like university life will kick back to full throttle right after next week on the 10th of August thus will lead me to less time to laze around doing nothing meaningful with my life. Ah well, time to enjoy my last week of holiday. =)



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