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TT Hongli HG 1/144 Kyrios Review

This cost me RM26, rather costly for me for a bootleg, but then again, it costs 1500 Yen for the original one which is about RM60 for us here currently.

Since I never really did a review on a Kyrios, here's a brief on it;
Kyrios is Celestial Being's 3rd Gundam mobile suit and is piloted by Allelujah Haptism, a super soldier. It is the only transformable MS they have on board the Ptolemy(sp?). While in flight mode, it normally shoots out bombs(or something close to that).

GN-003 - Gundam Kyrios
Pilot: Allelujah Haptism
Height: 18.9m
Weight: 54.8t
GN Beam Sub-Machinegun
GN Beam Saber(2)
GN Shield
Tail Part(bomb storage?)

PHEW! I finally get "get back on the Internet"! Wait, no, not really. I'm on but I still get disconnected every few minutes. Guh, Streamyx, why must you be so unstable? DX
End Rant

Part 1: Box
Part 2: Box Open!
Part 3: Runners
Runners are quite satisfactory. At least the GN Cables are in the right shade of purple and the stickers are almost color correct plus they can stick.

Part 4: Manual Scans
Okay, manual scans are now here!

Sorry that the scans aren't big and clear enough to be easily read. ^^;

Part 5: Building & Notes
Part 5.1: First Step
I just couldn't stop myself from doing this. I really do like the GN Condensers to be green in color. XP

While waiting for the clear parts to dry... I noticed that the open hand mold is totally terrible. The detail lines are almost completely "melted" away.

Part 5.2: Torso
Not building problems here. Everything "fits" rather well, though not completely, as you can see from the side view.

Part 5.3: Head
Looks good, right? Not so as before I had to carve the left part of the helmet covering the eyes. At first, I thought it was a sticker problem until I stared at the head long enough for me to find out the left side of the helmet wasn't molded properly. Pfft. Oh well, at least with a bit of carving, it looks better... though would had been much better if the sticker didn't wear out from me trying to place it "properly" beforehand. =/
This problem might not affect all the TT HG Kyrios kits though, I was probably just unlucky on this one, hopefully.

Furthermore, the V-Fin doesn't like to stay on properly and likes to fall down with a bit of pressure on it.

Part 5.4: Arms
For the arms, they do look okay, but not so very much.

One of the GN Condenser clear piece didn't fit in properly. I had to put some superglue on it for it to stick onto the arm. It isn't so major and might not happen to everyone though.

However, the thing that really can get annoying is that the GN Cables(light purple rubber part at the elbow connection) might not go in properly when you straighten back the arm from a bending position as it does not seem to slide in very well. I think if you carve a bit inside the arm, this problem can go away though. You can also "hold" onto the cable everytime you straighten back the arm as this works too. Then again, annoying. =/

A little transformation test. Looks like this one has no problem transforming so far. =)

Part 5.5: Legs
There seems to be nothing wrong with the legs. =D

Part 5.6: Waist
Waist is totally fine. If you look closely, the beam sabers are mounted onto the rear skirts.

Part 5.7: Armaments
The beam rifle is loose and the handle will easily separate from it.

The shield is quite okay but if you force it a little bit, it might open up into pieces(doesn't break).

Part 6: Kyrios
Allelujah: "I have control."
"Get away from my bottle of water, you *******s!"

Part 6.1: Up, Left, Back, Right!
The plastic looks a bit cheap, but you can't do much to prevent that if you're buying bootlegs. XP

Part 6.2: Articulation & Gimmicks
Arms can go really high thanks to its transformation ability. =)

Legs can go pretty high up but gets blocked by the front skirt.

*pew**pew**pew* in rapid succession! >D

Two ways you can equip the beam sub-machinegun. The arm mounted way is for when in flight mode though. Then again, the weapon tilts down a bit when held in the hand... no matter how it is held, it can easily fall off sadly.

Hallelujah: "Isn't this fun?! RIGHT ALLELUJAH?!"
The shield is not so bad though can fall off the arms quite easily like the original FG Kyrios... Don't fret though, the claw works quite well. =P

Part 6.3: Transformation
First, take off the legs. Taking off the weapons helps to maintain your blood pressure. They just won't stick onto the Kyrios well enough! D=

Also, take off the cover of the hole to connect to an action base under the Kyrios. I didn't really put it on in the first place. Take off the black part on top of the legs and replace them with this one singular "V" shaped piece.

Connect em' like that.

Hopefully you can tell from these two photos. I'm to lazy to explain this part in words. XP
Now, onto the top part of the Kyrios.

Open up the backpack. Make sure the "ponytail" of the Kyrios slots into the hole as seen above.

On the shoulder armor, pull out the grey hooks as seen.

Then, connect them as so into the backpack top.

Move the arms down and bend them a little, the orange parts are straightened and pull out the two clavicles near the "cockpit".

Connect the legs to the top part and you'll get this, Kyrios in flight mode! =D

Looks quite nice for a bootleg, ne? =)

At any rate, Kyrios just looks wrong when you look from underneath...

Part 6.4: Comparison
The biggest seeable difference is te color scheme... XD I don't have the original Kyrios, but I do have the Trans-AM version. I just couldn't get the original one as I guess it has been in the market for quitea while already. XP
If you can tell, the Trans-AM version is more sharper looking than the bootleg. It also don't really drop its weapons as bad. But for some reason, the right arm likes to sag down... =/

Part 7: Conclusion
HG Kyrios As A Whole
The HG Kyrios was infamous for one problem, the "backpack". The design of the back of the Kyrios caused the HG kit to be a bit back heavy and can easily tumble off its feet. This is also contributed to its rather small feet design. If you already own a HG Kyrios, you'll understand what I mean. A stand is quite necessary for this model if you want it to stay ina dynamic pose. =)

The Bootleg
  • The main body is very sturdy!
  • It can transform well unlike the TT HG Union Flag.
  • Very close to the original.
  • Fair price (RM26). Can get it for less than RM20 from places such as Chow Kit in KL.

  • V-Fin and armaments likes to drop down easily.
  • Some parts had molding errors (helmet and arm).
  • Seam lines are very obvious.
All in all, the model kit isn't so bad. Well, the armaments are a bit lose on this guy but at least they can still stick on! XP Well, if you're in for a Kyrios model kit and do not have the original or have no chance of buying the original, this kit gets my approval for purchase. =)


mangyver5223 said...

hey, hey..... i put the glow in dark paste at chest GN condenser....looks nice in dark....

Anepz said...

I found a blog that post the same post as yours.. is it yours ??

Cass said...

Oh my, looks like people are stealing my post... in a terribly obvious copy pasta. Well, I don't really mind, for now. :/

Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Alukado that over priced bastard is now stealing your review that's really annoying LOL, he/she selling TT Hongli almost the same price with Bandai what a ripped off

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