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TT Hongli HG 1/144 Throne Eins Review

This bootleg model kit happens to be my second one. I am rather impressed by this bootleg but at some point felt that it has some major flaws.

Pilot: Johann Trinity
Height: 18.6m
Weight: 67.1t
Armaments: GN Laucher, GN Beam Rifle, GN Beam Saber(2), GN Shield

MS Story Info:
The Throne Eins is piloted by one of the three Trinity Siblings, Johann Trinity. He is the eldest among the three as well as the leader figure. The Throne Eins specializes in long range weaponry and requires the assistance from the other two Thrones to use the full power of its Mega Launcher...

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I actually wanted to put this review since last week, but Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was too interesting to stop playing mid-way. Its a really good game with a decent storyline though darker than what you have seen in the previous Kingdom Hearts games. The game is still in Japanese, but I managed to finish it thanks to Beginner Mode and a detailed walkthrough. I understood most parts of the story thanks to some Katakana and Hiragana reading capabilities and spoilers. The good part is that the English version will come out real soon in September this year, which I'll also play. ^^
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Okay, back to the review. I bought this guy for RM26 like most larger sized bootleg Gundams. Price is rather decent since the original costs 1600 Yen which is about RM65 lately. Then again, I always failed to get the original Throne Eins for some odd reason as its always sold out unlike the Throne Drei and Throne Zwei. So, since I saw it on the shelf, I decided to buy it and it became my first bootleg 00 TT Hongli model kit.

Read on for the full review. Not much action poses as I'll go into detail on the build this time, which is what I think most of you would want to know about bootleg model kits. =)

Part 1: Box
"Made in China"
I wonder if anyone could really mistake a bootleg for an original...

Part 2: Box Open!
1 plastic bag to hold all the runners as per usual. It's not such a good thing as they may scratch each other...

Part 3: Runners

The "best runner". They gave an additional shoulder part(the one that broke off) which shouldn't really be there! Now you can both sides of the shoulder with these peg parts unlike how its supposed to be only for one side(to connect to the shield). Not much uses though, but if you have the Throne Zwei, you can stick the buster sword on the right shoulder now(as long as you use the pegged part).

Rubber part on top and very bad stickers. The colors on the stickers all looked scratched off making them becoming their base color, shiny silver. Luckily, they stick.

Part 4: Manual

Okay, manual scans are now here!

Sorry that the scans aren't big and clear enough to be easily read. ^^;

Part 4: Building, Refining, Warnings
Building a bootleg is never as straight as building an original as I think their molding equipment is less effective. Then again, the small molding errors tells you that "you get what you paid for". This also applies to this Throne Eins as well, though it doesn't seem so bad this time.

Part 4.1: Torso
This part was relatively easy to put together. The hole for the "left claw"which "holds" the GN Drive needed some extra work to let the claw go in. The thrusters at the rear needed some extra strength and cutting(IIRC) for it to be snap fitted nicely.

Part 4.2: Head
Troublesome part came early as the head needed quite a bit of work. The top part of the helmet didn't want to go in normally as the V-Fin's connecting parts were too "thick" due to excess plastic. Some "shaving" was needed to force the V-Fin, "horn" and middle head part to be able to fitted into the head. However, they are a bit lose in the end and can come apart easily. =/

Part 4.3: Arms
No problems here as far as I can remember. A bit of work needed if you want all the parts to fit in completely though.

Part 4.4: Legs
Legs were pretty much alright also. Just like the arms, with a bit of extra work, the obvious gaps can be removed.

Part 4.5: Waist
No problems here.

Part 4.6: Beam Rifle
I beam rifle was meh. Weird design personally. The grey part didn't really fit in really well though.

Part 4.7: Backpack(Launcher & Shield)

Really long, especially when its fully opened. More on the length and gimmick lower down the post.

Connecting this part should be very obvious, no?

Part 4.8: Stickers Sucks
The stickers really suck, especially on the shield! I removed it and painted this part in the end...

Part 5: Throne Eins Part 5.1: Up, Left, Down, Right!
Yes, the launcher is long. Just imagine a 1/100 scale or even a 1/60 scale version! Madness!

Before I continue on, I have to say that the backpack can easily come off and you might have to do some extra work on the connections for the launcher as mine came off way too easily. A little bit of super glue can help. ;)

Part 5.2: Up, Left, Down, Right w/o Backpack
Without the backpack on, the Throne Eins is much more stable and I find the main body really sturdy. You can pose around the main body and the parts won't fall off esily except the white antennaes on the shoulders.

Part 5.3: Articulation
Basic HG articulation. However, the feet can move back and forth.

"I challenge you to a Gundam Fight! Ready, GO!"

Similar to the Exia, the beam sabers are mounted on the shoulder... sadly they didn't give any beam parts...

That's as far as it goes.

Head articulation was disappointing as it cannot go up and down. I don't think this is a problem for the original though. Felt a bit let down since I cannot move the head vertically.
Part 5.4: Launcher
I painted the top part of the shield mostly white with a bit of pink. There is upposed to be some gray on it, but I'm too lazy to change they now. =P

The rubber cable. I wonder what purpose this cable brings?

Be careful when you open it up as I felt if you open up the launcher(especially at this connection) carelessly may break the tight connectors.

Its very long at the maximum length of 27cm/270mm/0.27m for a HG! Just imagine the length for the 1/100 scale or even a 1/60 scale version of Throne Eins!

There's a handle for the launcher too, but not for the Throne Eins to operate. From the anime, it is seen that it is normally operated by the Throne Drei.

There are some connection "holes" in the backpack for the other two Thrones to connect to the Throne Eins to form the Mega Beam Launcher which was never shown in the anime unfortunately. As you can see, there a crack, or should I say molding error, on the right side. The whiteness is due to me using some super glue on the backpack. =P

That's how the Mega Beam Launcher is set up, minus the two other Thrones.

Part 5.5: Misc

How to NOT use the Mega Beam Launcher.

Part 6: Conclusion
  • Fairly cheap(RM2X). You can get this for below RM20 from places such as Chow Kit in KL.
  • Main body is sturdy.
  • Stickers can stick.
  • Most details seems to be kept.
  • Backpack is quite lose and needs some super glue here and there to make sure it doesn't fall appart too easily.
  • Head needs some extra work before you can put the pieces together and cannot move vertically.
  • Stickers are a bit color inaccurate.
Overall, the model kit is quite nice. At this price, it seems alright to me for a bootleg. I'm pretty impressed with this model kit as it can be quite fun to play with. Some parts are a bit lose and doesn't seem to fit in well, but in the end, I didn't need to go to much ends to finish building it.

Recommended? Sorta. If you want the Throne Eins and cannot get the original like me, this bootleg is a pretty good substitute. Just make sure you have a knife with you to carve off the excess plastic that may plague the bootleg(as this problem varies from person to person). If you're very lucky, you may get one that is molded better.

Until the next review... I wish my Internet was back to normal... D=

Extra Note: When I went to Chow Kit last month (December 2009), Jia Yang had many TT Hongli Thrones (Eins, Drei and Zwei) left! Don't know how long it'll be there but if you are able to go to Chow Kit, you should pay the shop a visit if you wanna get em' cheap. Make sure you ask about their discount policy if you wanna get them at a real good price (and hope they comply). =)


Queenie said...

cool!! well done...i plan to try one my own...ermm maybe zwei!

Cass said...

Zwei sounds like a good choice. Too bad there was no Zweis around when I bought the Eins(then again I already have an original one). I do like the Zwei most compared to the other Thrones. ^^

s3tsuna said...

I just get the zwei in TT hongli, and i'm impressed with it, unlike the crappy exia.


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