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Christmas 2009 in Kuala Lumpur - Quick Write Up

One of Pavilion's Christmas trees.

I managed to go to Kuala Lumpur (KL) once again this year on 25th-30th December. It was a very lucky thing to happen since I initially thought that I would spend the whole December this year at home doing less than "important" things and simply going through Summer Semester (MPWs are not fun).

Well, the Summer Semester is gonna end quite soon but looks like I'll have to put some effort for the time lost due to me being absent - being in KL and all. Hopefully it won't be that hard as most of the notes are available to me (though I work best recalling my lecturer lecturing us).

Anyways, lets continue on with what I did in KL, though just a brief story as I can't remember all the details now, can I?

Note: The trip is a family trip, not a lone trip of simply me. Sadly, it mostly focuses on my viewpoint and lack of memory and time forbids detailed stories. XP

Day 1 (25/12/09) - Kuala Lumpur!
Afternoon - Getting There by Air Asia
The flight took off without a hitch and we arrived safely at the LCCT in a short amount of time. We used a bus that took us directly to the front of our hotel - Melia Hotel which is opposite to Berjaya Times Square (BTS).

Evening - Berjaya Times Square!
Lobby of BTS.

We reached the hotel but our room wasn't available yet... oh no! We had to wait... and wait at the bar drinking some free fruit punch. However, the room was still not ready yet after we were done drinking (well it was only a drink...).

We indecisively went to BTS after we felt that we should go to eat dinner first... though we did get a little lost. This is only my second time going there so I wasn't all that great as the only capable person to direct the rest. With my grandmother unable to walk too much, we had to settle with one of the restaurants on the ground floor. It was quite frustrting to be at as they forgot orders, didn't tell when some items were unavailable and were quite slow... Nontheless, we had a decent dinner.

During the wait for the food (which really was really long), I managed to go to the fifth floor and go to Graffiti Toys. Looked around a bit but didn't find the MG Victory I wanted to get. I saw two items I wanted for a while and impulsively bought them instead... the HGUC RX78-2 Gundam Ver.30th and HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode]. Looks like I might not buy the MG Victory at this rate... some budget spent there already (but I guess it can wait till next month). I wanted to get the HGUC Kshatriya also but the size of the box can pose a problem, so I just skipped it even though the price there was oh so much better than here.

Photo taken @ home.

On the walk back, we managed to see Santa and his wife at the lobby. =)

My mother and I went there later at night, near closing time, for a quick browse. Didn't do much but managed to get a long sleeved shirt. Used it for the next day and it helped a lot. XD

Day 2 (26/12/09) - Cameron Highlands!
Morning, Afternoon, Night - Cameron Highlands?
We hastily planned to go to Cameron Highlands this time. With an offer of a ride from our relatives who lives in Selangor, we managed to go there. We used two cars, Naza Citra and Perodua Myvi. Mmm... the Myvi IS a good car. I really can't deny it.

W didn't get to see much as most of the time spent was inside the car as there was a traffic jam during our visit. Ah... we only managed to go to two strawberry farms... didn't even get to go to the tea leaf farms. ^^;

Some photos from the first strawberry farm.

While at the second strawberry farm, we had a meal there, well packed lunches (Nasi Lemak), smoothies and fries. The line was hella long before the smoothies and fries were get-able. @_@

The one thing I learned from this trip was that we... need more time, we should stay at least one night there to fully enjoy the place. With that said, the next time we get to go to the Peninsular, we should stay there for a while.

By the time we reached back the hotel was... 1.30am, the next day practically. Very, very late. Then again, we did a late midnight stop at one of the currently still opened restaurants.

Day 3 (27/12/09) - ~Rest~
Morning ~Rest~
We barely did anything on this day as we were quite tired.

Noon - Food...
We did eat breakfast at Jalan Pudu even though it was noon already by then. =P

Afternoon-Evening - Shopping
We then went to Sungai Wang. After a while, half of the family members went back first. I then spent some more time with my mother & sister, though most of it was waiting and being the person with the better sense of direction.

We bought a penguin plush and a Monopoly card game (impulse buying FTW) on the way back. We did get some clothes as well except for me as I didn't have much choices for me/didn't like most of the stuff (and time).

Evening-Night - Dinner @ Relatives House

Day 4 (28/12/09) - Books & HDD
Early Morning - Breakfast at Melia Hotel
The food was okay though cold as we woke up a lil' late. Ah well.

Morning-Afternoon - KLCC -> Kinokuniya!
We then went to KLCC for one purpose... Kinokuniya! We didn't do much of any other type of shopping since half of the family were not so keen of going here. ^^;

Some shots of the decorations set up by KLCC.

Nonetheless, in such a short amount of time being there, only books were bought.
My mother got herself two novels while the rest you see above are mine and my sister's. ^^; If you knew the price, you'd freak. Too bad I didn't manage to get the 00 Mission Complete as I didn't come across it while there...

A bit later, my mother an I - just the two of us, went to visit Pavilion as we never have been there. Didn't do much as my mother was afraid of heights (I somehow overcome my fear recently).

On the way back, we made a quick pit stop at Lowyat to buy dinner for the family. During thewait for the food, I rushed to the 2nd floor, the furthest I could go, and managed to get the urgently needed external HDD.

If anyone's curious, the Gunpla shop in lowyat has some nice offers for like the MG Exia @ RM128 and some others... can't really recall. Almost bought the Exia even. $_$

Day 6 (29/12/09) - The Final Shopping Day?! D=

Early Morning - Breakfast at Melia Hotel

Morning - Chow Kit
On the very last day, I managed to go to Chow Kit! After hearing/reading lots about it, I really wanted to pay some shops there a visit. Of course, if you are familiar with this place, you might be able to guess what I'm intending to buy here before continuing on any further. I went there by monorail with just my mother once again. The trip was really fast and rather comfortable. Good thing I planned out our time right as there weren't so many passengers at that time.

After getting lost a bit, we rach the place I wanted to visit for quite a while. It was.. Jia Yang, a toy wholesaler. I was a bit disappointed after getting inside as the choices were limited but I couldn't argue. With their not so strict buying policies, I got the stuff I wanted at the prices I am greatly satisfied to buy them for.

I'm, so, darn, happy. Even though it ain't the original, I got myself my first PG! Even though there are some risks involved, I heard good comments about the TT Hongli PG Wing - so I couldn't refuse the opportunity. not at the price I got it for! The rest are just there to fill the buying requirements except for the Strike Noir which I wanted to get for a while but didn't.

In terms of price - it is cheaper than a MG Sinanju I have to say, for all of them.

My mother also grabbed some toys for my youngest sister to play with. One broke to pieces very fast (though still functional). At least I know where these China toys are coming from now. XD

Afternoon - Shopping at Sungai Wang
Need... more... clothes! Too bad there wasn't anything I liked. @_@

Evening - BTS, Last Shot!
Ate dinner with the relatives who took us to Cameron Highlands at The Chicken Rice Shop. We had some fun as my cousin bought a new budget camera and its a dinner with lots of people. I kinda like it though it felt like it wasn't so good for night photos as I notice crazy lot of noise but it seems it can take better close-up shots than my current camera. Ah well.

Other than that, nothing much to say except I did some impulse buying and bought me some action basses.

Night - Folding Boxes & Packing Full Bags
I had to flatten the boxes of my Gunpla - only the bootleg ones. I didn't want to smash my precious originals. >.>

Day 7 (30/12/09) - Return to Kuching
Early Morning - Final Breakfast at Melia Hotel & Sleepiness
On the last day, I was especially tired and completely exhausted. Had to go lie down after eating a heavy breakfast. @_@

Afternoon - Dude, Where's My Plane?
Ack, delayed plane. I think it was delayed for roughly 30minutes. It was also raining when we reached Kuching airport. Ah... unluckiness?

Well, that's all for the trip. We came back home safe and sound. All Gunplas are safe too. Okay, until the next post~



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