Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food Experiment - Sausage Cheese Baked Rice

Okay, today, well tonight, I finally decided to try to cooked something that is not fried. Essentially, there are some parts that are fried such as the sausage and vegetables but that's one way of cooking them. Maybe I should steam those next time to make a healthier variety.

At any rate, the one I made wasn't as good as the base I based it on as I was short on some ingredients. I had to improvise a little as well as had to go on without some. The end result is okay but not amazing. The onions got a little burnt (left the pan on a little bit too long). @_@

It is also a bit sour but I think that's is caused by the raisins which my father told me at the very last moment. Orz.

Overall, I guess it is okay for a first try as it is edible. Haha. That's all for tonight!

(A bit late for me to eat it though as it took a while to prepare as I had to clean a whole oven!)


Unknown said...

sedap tak?

Cass said...

Not bad. Can say it is a bit sedap but not good enough yet. XP

mangyver5223 said...
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mangyver5223 said...

yeah,that's good. it's better than eating instant noodles ...... *_*

rockleelotus said...

raisins? @_@

i think baking sasuage, cheese and rice is already win for yum lol

Anonymous said...

I could so use supper now....gao gao!!! Lol salutes to you for cooking :D This is something I can never master!

Cass said...

@mangyver: Can't live on instant noodles only, can I? Then again, I don't cook noodles normally. XP

@rocklee: Yep, raisins. @_@

@chubbs: Cooking is fun! You should try it out too (cooking beyond the simple stuff that is)! It's great especially when you are able to find a way to cook your fav dishes the way you like it (and other kinds of food). ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I totally forgot you... i deeply apologies. (shame shame shame)... i forgot to add you on my RSS list but it's fixed :)
Thanks anyway for visiting Lylibellule again. It's sweet of you.

I'm a glutton and when i see good dishes... i can only lick my lips and there, i would helped you to eat your food (whatever the time of the day.... at least i would used an opportunity of you cleaning the oven to eat everything... LoooooL) ;)

Cass said...

@Lyli: Haha, no problem. ^^

Who wouldn't be a glutton when there's good food on the table? I can't really say this first attempt of mine will cause that effect though. XP


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