Friday, January 15, 2010

Photoscape is Fun!

Normally we think that we would need some expensive software to do some nice photo edits such as the ever popular Photoshop. Nay I say! After reading chubbybots latest post about Photoscape, I finally have something to use to easily edit my pictures... without doing so much "by hand" drawings on (only used basic functions in the end).

Anyways, from my first hand experience with it, it is really easy to use. You may not be able to utilize all the functions by the first day, but the simple stuff works rather nicely like this;

I just used the simple functions highlighted by chubbybots in his simple tutorial. You can see the rest of this in the Virtue review I posted earlier this morning. XP

Furthermore... with a little bit of playing around with the editor just now...

Note: This one was a bit extremely done though. XP

Okay, that's all for this advertisement-like post. X3


kaymaroo said...

it that software much easy handling than photoshop??

CD said...

Can't say that for sure since I don't use Photoshop (I used free programs such as before). XP

Syful said...

kinda easy... I haven't explored much yet, but I do have the program, free download hehe

rockleelotus said...

chubbs tutorial really does show how quick and easy it is to edit in photoscape! i use photoshop and it can be very useful if your a pro but im not, so its usually confusing to navigate lol

chubbybots said...

Thanks for the advertisement :D

I can see you are really going all out with the edits haha ^^ Try exploring lens flare effect, very good for laser blast effects!!

Keep up the editing man!! Looks like we will be all for a treat on your next post!

Anonymous said...

I love Photoscape now, but I somehow see it's limitation more I use it.

My effects keep repeating itself, so I must find ideas to utilize this tool.

By the way, the part 2 of my diorama is out, hope to see your comment :D

B-Mecha said...

Nice try. Chub's photoscape tutorial successfully tempt many ppl to do their photo editing! :D

a small tips, for lighting / laser effect, it will look much better on a dark background.

mangyver5223 said...

pow-wow for exia >_< .....I've used photofiltre software to make make my beam saber of G30th light up...

CD said...

@Sy: Sometimes free stuff can be quite good, ne?

@chubbs: Sure, I'll try that out. =)

@rockless: Hafta agree, I saw my friend use it before. It was in Chinese though, so don't really get it (he was adjusting the photo lighting as far as I remember). XP

@divine: Just play around with it. Can't hurt as long as you have the free time. ^^

@B-Mecha: Maybe I should try to get some black paper then. Will try that out and see how it turns out... eventually. >_>

@mangyver: Oh, is that so. Is the program you used also free?

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