Saturday, January 9, 2010

Will be a "Little Busy" for a Short While

Even though I had time to build the PG Wing, I have two examination papers next week on Monday and Tuesday morning. The papers require mostly memorizing so I'll probably will be reading quite a bit for the rest of the weekend (luckily lecturer went around quite a lot for one of the subjects - don't really need to study so hard for one). Don't fret, I already started. XP

Even so... I got some distractions on my mind. Aha, every time I study for an exam, my mind likes to wander around and think of stuff I might not think of normally (what?). @_@
Worst was when my mind was telling me last night, before I finally slept, "Build Virtue! Build Virtue! Paint the clear pieces red!". The next day (this morning), I couldn't get myself studying until I did that (just a quick and relaxing build - no panel lining, just red condensers).

Anyways, here are to random shots I took;

Exia wants to be "Rockman". Reference to the pose Rockman did (kinda) in the first NES game. XD

"Go study already or we will intervene YOU!"
"Wait, wait, WHA--"
Note: All of the HGs above are from TT Hongli.

Fin~ Until Tuesday night?

EDIT: Added a few of you all (some recent commentators) to my blog roll. For those who I missed, tell me and I'll add you there as well. =) Well, back to the lecture notes.

EDIT (12/01/10): Exams are over already. No new post really needed so I'll just leave this small edit here.


Anonymous said...

Go and study, that's for your future

"mirai wo tatakau" Setsuna said. ^^

I rather regret didn't really study as much, now that I forget most of my Mathematics degree.

Anonymous said...

so strike give his left arm to exia hmmm ^^;
goodluck with your exam paper XD

mangyver5223 said...

Hey, Stay calm when facing with exams. all people will face challenge in life, but be calm at most. Study is must, but don't study at last minute because our brain cannot "absorb" much in single time. Warning, don't sleep late because studying late night. I think that study around 4 am (or at dawn) is best, if u dare to wake up early..... good luck :P

Marzz said...

Ah.... You have added me, will add you as well then :)
Go study for your exams!

Cass said...

Thanks guys. =D

Yeah, last minute study isn't always the best but good for "refreshing" the memory before the actual exam. ^^

Still got one paper left. Erm, there are only got a two subjects for Summer Semester (which is mandatory for all who live in M'sia) unless you didn't do well for your BM before in SPM (making it three subjects to learn in seven weeks worth of lectures)...

*poofs away for another day*

Anonymous said...

Ah...i get gundam modding thoughts even at But excellent shots of all for of S1 00 kits :D

Good luck for the exams man ^^. And please dont' sign off as Gundam when you take the papers haha!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I couldn't concentrate enough in my work, Gundam 00 Anime just flashing through my conscious.

LEon said...

All the best for your exam. :)


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