Saturday, January 23, 2010

To My University Buddies

If you're wondering about my results, I managed to pass them all with flying colors. ^^
The marks aren't that great especially for the MPW subjects (which wasn't counted in the CGPA luckily) but I managed to get one HD and three Distinctions for the previous semester (a Credit and Distinction for MPW). My Law was so close to 80 though... so darn... close... orz.

Looks like I cleared Foundation successfully and will be able to go to Degree this year! Yay! I'll be majoring in Accounting, so wish me luck in that (it will only get harder in Degree from what I've heard). For now, to enjoy my break some more. Got a lot of stuff to do. XP

For those who were not able to pass certain subjects, don't be sad! Try hard for your resit! I wish you all luck!

I also hope to see most of my group mates from last year moving to Degree as well. I don't like to see mostly unknown faces suddenly later in March. @_@


Anonymous said...

wow, pass with flying colours, congrats!!

time to grab some gunpla :D

Marzz said...

Congrats! Good results! Now's my turn to take exams ==

Anonymous said...

Congrats,flying to nowhere some more ^^

CD said...

Thanks all! ^^

@heathorn: Soon. Waiting for this month's MG. Hehe.

@ Marzz: Good luck!

@KeiOnfan: Fly to nowhere? @_@

Anonymous said...

congrats then. :D
So, what's your month's MG? An ARF?

CD said...

@divine: Its the MG GN-X. But it won't come over here locally until sometime around early February at best. XP

MG Astray Red Frame Kai is slated for a February release though. >.>

Anonymous said...

doesn't know that GN-X has an MG treatment. But I don't really like it though :D
Prefer GN-unit that used by Louise.


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