Friday, January 22, 2010

New Layout!

As I said in the previous post, I might change the layout of the blog... and behold, I actually did!

After a quick search using Google to find some sites that hosts Blogger templates, I found one that looks usable from this site. The template I used was... this. It doesn't look so similar anymore after a few tweaks in the code. ^^

I'm not pro at HTML coding but knowledge I've obtained from a tutorial on how to increase the number of columns helped me to understand some of the stuff needed for quick and simple edits.

Anyways, with bit of rearranging and simple changes... what do you think of the new layout this time? Its not entirely complete yet, but I'm good with it for now. =)

It has a few drawbacks on my side though like not being able to have some of the usual shortcuts anymore for some reason. Must be due to the fact that this is an external template... need to see what I can do about that though...

EDIT: Oh, I worked out the kinks. Now everything is really good to go! ^_^


rockleelotus said...

i like the change, very neat and easier to navigate! organization +1! ^_^b

CD said...

@rocklee: Thanks! I wanted a cleaner layout for a while since the previous one I just basically dipped everything I find useful in. XP

However, I took off the label sidebar. Don't think many would use that anyways. >.>

Choo Sie LIang said...

nice custom

Tsukinari said...

Really like it.. good work!

I like this pink than before ^^

kaymaroo said...

nice layout CD but little bit pening huhu, CD i want ur help about my layout..

CD said...

Thanks! I tried a darker looking pink this time and it seems to work quite well. The theme I used before mainly used images to create the colors causing slower loading and whatnot. The newer one uses mainly HTML coded colors, thus faster loading. Its more basic though but it is more organized. ^^

@kaymaroo: Haha, a bit pening? I guess that can happen too. If your screen brightness and contrast a bit high, it may make you feel pening to see this kind of colors. XP

Anywyays, what about your layout that you want help with? I'm just an amateur in HTML stuff so I might not be able to help much. ^^;

Jacques said...

good job on the revamp! everything has become more organized and easy to nagivate as compared to before.

chubbybots said...

Love the new layout :D And it loads much faster than your previous one!

Can't wait to see what you can come up with later after further editing ^^. I love having the chat box by the left side :D (maybe its a personal thing ^^)


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