Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some More Updates!

Since I don't really feel like building currently, I decided to continue upgrading up my blog, even if the update is quite minor. Anyways, I edited the Gunpla Reviews page with pictures now (small 180x64 banners links to reviews)! The pictures aren't in high quality as I wanted them to be extremely fast loading for anyone who visits my blog. Adding to that is when I put more reviews in the future. Who knows how many pictures will be in there after a while?

Okay, that's all for now! ^^


mangyver5223 said...

man, some tips 4 u. decrease the size of picture could make uploading process faster

CD said...

@mangyver: Already done that (any smaller will make the pics real hard to see). Lowering the quality helps to make it much smaller though and I think it should be okay. XP

Lylibellule said...

Thanks for visiting Lylibellule :)
I'll check tomorrow to read more carefully. Today i'm running out of time :)

divinelight said...

just delete it, it's a spam.

anyway, good job rearranging your review page.
I also want to change my themes and do some clean-up, but think it will have to wait until February.

CD said...

@Lyli: No prob. ^^

@divine: Yep, deleted forever. (Note: There was a spam message between Lyli's and divine's.) Well, take your time unless you got free time like me. =)

...I think I better set up that word verification thing... hope it helps. >_>;

mangyver5223 said...

@ CD: man, would u like exchange ur any bootleg 1/144 scale model with my LW Dragon 1/100 duel assault shroud? visit my blog to see it.Some missing part but it's minor because the missing part is at assault shroud armor

CD said...

@mangyver: Sorry, don't think I want the Duel Assault Shroud. Good luck in finding a person willing to trade however. ^^

divinelight said...

it looks like I told everyone Lyli's reply must be deleted. LOL


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