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HG 1/144 RX78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th Review - Part 2

Okay all, time for the 2nd and final part of this review. The first part can be found here!

Rear on for the full review as well as a battle story between Amuro and...

Part 1: Arms

The RX78-2 and all its parts. Yes, toothpick beam saber... =.=

Part 2: Height Comparisons
Compared to an empty bottle of mint.

Compared to the 0 Gundam who is of the same height - 18.0m.

Part 3: Up, Left, Down, Right! (Plus Closeups)

Part 4: Articulation & Gimmicks
Not bad for single joints.

Not o great spread for the legs though as it uses the same joints as the new HG00. The feet can't move much due to the angle guards.

Due to using polycaps from HG00, it has similar articulation to those in the HG00 line.

Head and.. err, waist articulation.

Shield - connect to back.

Shield - connect to arm. Cannot rotate though...

Connector set up to put bazooka at the rear skirt armor.

Part 6: Arms Installation Complete!
Part 7: Action!

RX78-2's popular final scene!

Bazooka action and kneeling.

Can't really grab that saber hilt due to the arm articulation limits... orz (I cheated by putting the hilt into the hand first in this picture though). XP

Beam saber from Unicorn.. GET!
Now it looks like a Ver. Ka. O.o

...and then, borrowed left hand from 0 Gundam. XD

Dual beam sabers FTW!

Gundam Hammer action. Can't do much with it though... ^^;

Part 8: RX78-2 Ver.30th VS 0 Gundam Type A.C.D.
Overall, the RX78-2 is much more detailed than the 0 Gundam. The 0 Gundam requires a bit of paint while the RX78-2 requires a good deal of panel lining.

Arms installation complete... again.

When it comes to articulation, the 0 Gundam wins. Sorry RX78-2, you may be the grand-daddy of all Gundams but you lost to one of your offsprings. XD

Double shot!
(I dropped the 0 Gundam's side skirt in this shot sadly... orz.)

Next up...
Amuro VS Shinn! A continuation (kinda) of Faddy's post!

Part 9: Probably a Lame Battle Story
(Sorry if it will load rather slow for some of you as the red looked terrible and unreadable in JPEG...)
After Amuro kicked Shinn's *** previously... Shinn continues to retaliate by using a new Gundam!
(With a quick spin, Shinn moves the Arondight to finally get rid of Amuro!)

(Amuro managed to thrust to the side just in time before a really fatal cut!)

Part 10: Conclusion
  • Great amount of details!
  • Uses HG00 polycaps for better overall articulation.
  • Good amount of weapons.
  • The chain of the Gundam Hammer is really made of metal!
  • No beam parts... toothpick saber?!
  • Only close fist for left hand...
  • Cannot rotate shield on the arm.

Overall, its a very good HG kit. For 1200 Yen, you really get a lot of stuff packing... without beam parts for the sabers or a usable left hand... err yeah.

If you come across this kit, you definitely must buy it! Not only because its a special anniverasary edition but because it's a newer and more detailed mold of the RX78-2 thus far. As a Gundam fan, you really shouldn't miss this one. =)

Okay, that's all for now. ^^


Marzz said...

Yea i agree, this is a pretty decent kit... If Bandai would add in beam sabers and more option hands... This would be a winner^^

moemoekyun said...

no open hand for left hand O_O;;;
>_< white stick and useless left hand

Anonymous said...

I lol'ed. Hard~! XD

Anonymous said...

LOL'ed at the story.
I nearly think you will do battle between 1 Gundam and 0 Gundam :P

so, 30th has more details and better polycaps right. good one then.

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...


chubbybots said...

Ah cool :D This is what i call cross blogging lol, finishing another guys story on your own blog!!!

Though for a moment the RX78 will do that uber shot into the sky and finish shin when he lost his head!!

CD (Uni) said...

@Marzz & moe: Very true.

@bd, divine & zoid: Happy to know that my humor sense works on the internet as well. XD

I like to make people laugh with my jokes (though sometimes hard to understand without certain knowledge of other things first).

@chubbs: He tossed his beam rifle somewhere before the this part of the fight. XP

(Actually, I took the fight shots after doing the beam saber part of the review. Lazy to change the weapons, I made it to be a melee fight in the end.) >.>

mangyver5223 said...

Wow, such a good comparison with 0 gundam, Hey, how u color he v line at waist of g30th?

CD said...

I just poked it with the gold marker and scratch off with a stationary knife. Quick and lazy job actually. XP

rockleelotus said...

lolol super funny robattle, i really enjoyed that. Falcon punch! XD

man rx78 ver30th needs more hand variety!

Zeon_Two_Six said...

The waist articulation pose kinda reminded me more of Hard Gay all of a sudden... XD

CD said...

@Zeon: Well, I guess its quite close to that. ^^;
It just, sorta, happened. XD

Siroh32 said...

I just got this model today. I remember reading your review a while ago and just came back to it after getting this and my first MG. I almost decided to get the RG over this (mainly for detail and articulation), but a couple of things stopped me; it and the MG I was aiming for together would go over the budget I had, a couple of people raised concerns over the RG's stability, and the RG lacked the Gundam Hammer. Plus, it also doesn't help looking at Dalong's review of the RG version and seeing it doesn't do a whole lot better in the kneeling pose department (and that my EMSiA RX-78 can out-do both).

It'll be a while before I start on mine, though; I have plenty of TAG-series 1/144s to go through first. But when I do get to it, I want to improve it's articulation. After looking at the RX-78/0 Gundam comparison, I think maybe I'd eventually buy and butcher the 0 Gundam model for that, but have you thought of a way to improve articulation otherwise?

s3tsuna said...

Are you wanna get RG ?

CD said...

@Siroh: Very late reply, oops. Didn't notice your comment before. If you know of Hobby no Toriko, he has done just that. Modifying the RX78-2 G30th with 0's parts.

@s3tsuna: Not in the immediate future.


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