Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TT Hongli PG 1/60 Wing Zero Custom Review - Part 1

Price: RM1XX

I bought this one from Jia Yang at Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. If you got access to any monorail in KL (I think), you can go here quite easily. Two other shops should also sell some more of these "TT Hongli" Gunpla but availability and price varies (there are certain rules you have to abide if you want to get lower prices).

Exact location of Jia Yang: 3.16387,101.697478 (Google Maps)

Credit to liewpk for telling a number of us through the Lowyat forums about this place! =)

Okay, enough of that. XP

Details about this MS HERE.

Part 1: Box, Runners, Materials & Manual Scans
Part 2: Work in Progress (WIP) Compilation
Part 3: Overall Review

Read on for shots of the box, runners, materials and manual scans.

Note: The earlier shots were taken in a hotel under bright sunlight from a window. I took it then because I had to "crush" the box before coming back home with the goods. ^^;

Part 1: Box
Huge box is huge box. It was so huge, I had to fold it in two even after flattening it to fit into our luggage...

Part 2: Box open!
No matter how you look at it, that's a lot of runners!

Part 3: Runners!
TT Hongli really likes to put many runners in one plastic bag. Really economical but it will risk more scratches onto the parts IMO. Also, the plastic bags can be opened as they are sealed via a sticky surface (dunno how to call it). So, you don't need to cut the bags like we normally do for other grades. Neat.
























Part 5: Other Materials
Just look at all those screws and die cast parts! o.o

Part 6: Construction Manual Scans

Part 7: Instruction Manual Scans

Sorry if the manuals aren't all that great in quality though. I'm only using a built-in scanner in my printer. XP

Okay, that's all for this part. Part 2 will be a quick compilation of the WIPs while part 3 will be the actual review. So, stay tuned. ^^


divinelight said...

That's one of helluvah box.
I thought my MG Strike Freedom box is a very big box, and here comes a PG...

You made a great review, even the manuals. I'll try to photo shot mine for review I guess.

CD said...

Thanks but the manuals was just some extra effort I decided to do for bootleg Gundams since the manuals have some funky translations in em' (especially TT Hongli which love to translate to Engrish for us). XP

Anonymous said...

lol, man gonna take my time to read the scans. Wonder how their translation is like! Thanks for the detailed review ^^ Waiting for your next one.

Anonymous said...

oh my only RM 1xx @_@ for a PG
nice dude even dalong won't review this

divinelight said...

I always laugh at manuals' "English", they are read funny.

In my country this cost... about RM2xx... how could you get this in 1xx... T_T

CD said...

@chubbybots: The next part is just gonna be the WIPs stick together. Review will come a day later (hopefully). >.>

@moemoekyun & divinelight: The reason why the price quite low was because I bought at a wholesale shop. However, certain buying rules apply and you need to follow em'. Luckily Jia Yang, where I bought it at, is not so strict though selection was very limited (due to no new stocks for months).

Syful said...

whats with the red part? it looked bent?

Marzz said...

Where did you buy this from? The exact location? Maybe next time i go to M'sia, i will visit there^^

mangyver5223 said...

wow, more runners inside of this box. Looks like my guess about the box colour is definitely wrong. Now I remembered that the blue box of Wing is the model GD brand that I saw many years ago at Tun Jugah

CD said...

@Syful: It is made of rubber.

@Marzz: Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. You can reach the place by monorail (pick "Chow Kit"). The shop I bought it from was Jia Yang which had a less strict policy when buying stuff from them at a wholesale price. However, it *might* not work all the time. ^^;

Exact location: 3.16387,101.697478 (Google Maps)

Credit to liewpk for telling a number of us through the Lowyat forums about this place (didn't give proper credit before). ^^

@mangyver: Ha, don't dare to buy Model GD since I barely heard good things from em'. XP

Anonymous said...

FYI, just get the original Bandai one. Bootleg kits suck big time. Besides Bandai is now doing legal action against bootleg kit manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

can i still get this PG with Rm1xx?
what kind of rules i need to follow? XD

CD said...

It has been a while since I've gone there so I dunno if you still can. However, I'll just tell you straight on. XP

Once you're at the shop, tell the clerk or whoever that entertains you that you know about the shop from a forum. If you're lucky, they will let you pay 50% off as long as you buy 6 boxes. If you're not, then you'll need to buy 6 boxes of the SAME Gunpla.

Oh yes, make sure to ask if you can actually buy 6 different boxes of Gunpla for 50% before doing anything. ^^

I can't guarantee your success on this, since I only went there once more than a year ago, so good luck to you!

If you can't go to Chow Kit, here's a better way to buy it, all you need is a Lowyat.net forum account and some basic know how to buy stuff through forums.


Anonymous said...

hye,can u tell me exact price this PG,really2 want this,but limited to budget too,n how bout at time now jun 2011,its still available or not??

rndm said...

I haven't had a chance to go to the shop where I bought this for a long time already...
You can get this guy elsewhere for a price close to RM200 though. I bought mine for RM155 (best price you'll ever see in M'sia). ^^;

Anonymous said...

they sell RM 250, a bit overpriced maybe...

CD said...

RM250 is a pretty standard price. Roughly looking at prices nowadays, you might be about to find one at the best price of RM190~200.

Anonymous said...

you can "afford" a hotel room? and buys a Bootleg PG? i assume the conditions to buy it cheap is to crush the box before going home.. haha.. get a life dude


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