Thursday, January 21, 2010

Over 9000 Hits(!) & New Background (For Gunpla Reviews)

Wow, after almost a year I put up that hit counter, I've finally reached over 9000 hits! To be precise, it is well above 10200 hits now. Yay! I'm not doing much to celebrate it though since I got nothing planned at all. Maybe I might update the blog layout a little... if I can as I don't know much HTML coding (but almost everyone is doing it!). Time to hit some tutorials... eventually. XP

Note: Suggestions and ideas are welcomed. I can't think of anything I want to do with the design right now. Colors will not change however as I want that to be kept as the color identity of the blog. There's no guarantee that I will do anything in the end though, but time will see. >_>

Nevermind, I'll just get some external blog templates and play around with them. Much easier than nearly scratch coding. You can see my hijinks... here.

Yesterday, while going out to get some magazines from my usual bookstore, I decided to get some superglue. However, this time I wanted to get something a bit more stronger and thus sought for something a little pricier... in hopes that it will be better. Nonetheless, I settled with this one as it looks promising.

As statedd in the title, I changed my Gunpla review background. At the same time I bought the superglue, I also bought the biggest manila card I can find in the store. With that said, I hope the backgrounds will turn out better for the coming revies such as the TT Hongli MG Strike Noir you see above. ^^

Okay, that's all for today. Don't expect me to put up any reviews real soon though. I don't have the mood to actually finish the Strike Noir (the backpack and weapons aren't built yet - that's why its using the IWSP Striker pack) yet but maybe I might finish a certain HG G30th by tomorrow. Then again, I feel like doing some other things right now. =^

PS: I just noticed that the Strike's arm are long. Not only the PG but the MG as well. @_@


Anonymous said...

Like Exia's pose.
You have a Manila cardboard for background?

I bought myself a ... what could I name this... 'cork'!? carboard.
(well, I say 'gabus' here)

Last time, I only have a smaller one, but some time ago I bought a big one.

rockleelotus said...

congrats on the 10k hits!!

super glue strong enough to hold an elephant in place? lol nice simple and clean background change ^^

mangyver5223 said...

@CD:hey man, i bought a big bottle of superglue just at RM 1, at 100% dicount superstore. Pretty damn cheap but effective.....check its content before buying because you may got the dried ones. And.....very good looking it

CD said...

@divine: Yep, using manilla card now. Better than just the multiple pieces of paper I used before. >.>

@rocklee: Thanks! Well, the elephant picture is kinda plastered on most superglue brands. Dunno why. O.o

@mangyver: Maybe I should check that out when I come across the shop. Sounds like it can help out for larger stuff. ^^

Anonymous said...

But Hero (Evolved Model Creation) used a piece of sheet of cloth/fabric, and his Strike Noir shots were superb.

Think will give it a try too.

CD said...

A cloth can also work out besides paper material. It's just that I don't have any workable cloth to use. Orz.


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