Monday, January 25, 2010

HG 1/144 RX78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th Review - Part 1

Price: 1200 Yen

I just finished building the weapons this afternoon as I was lacking the mood to actually finish the poor RX78-2 for a few days. That and I haven't built Strike Noir's Striker Pack and weapons...

Strike Noir: Nevermind! I'm pimping it with this I.W.S.P. pack!
Me: >_>


About the Gundam:
This one is a special anniversary version of the grand-daddy of all Gundams, the RX78-2. The overall design is based on the Gundam statue that was erected in Odaiba last year.

Read on for the box, box opening, runners and building process.

Part 1: Box

Part 2: Box Open!
For 1200 Yen, the amount of stuff you get ain't too shabby... hey look, a metal chain!

Pretty standard HGUC manual.

It also comes with a little booklet telling you how to pose it right! O.o

A questionnaire form and something else I'm too lazy to find out what is it.

Part 3: Runners
Parts are nicely separated - you won't actually need to paint anything! Or so I thought... stickers are lame sometimes. Too bad we get no beam parts... toothpick beam saber... =.=
Furthermore, it uses the much better HG 00 polycaps! This promises better overall articulation that usual! =D

Part 4: Building Process
Part 4.1: Torso
If you have been building mostly HG 00s, the building process will feel VERY similar.

I painted the neck part instead of using the stickers as I felt it would look better painted. A lot of panel lines for the torso, especially for the saber hilts! Some of the details are real tiny! O.O

Due to the way the thrusters are connected, it can move up and down a bit! Nice!

Part 4.2: Head
The helmet is in one piece! I was totally surprised. No seamlines for the helmet for this one! o.o
Note: I already panel lined the front portion of the head before I realized I forgot to display the red pieces. Orz.

The face looks quite cartoon-ish using the sticker but I guess it works for this one. XD

Part 4.3: Arms
Very simple and straightforward. Just like the parts before it, lotsa panel lines.

The right arm got 3 different hands but the left arm only got a closed hand... WTF?
I painted the front portion of the elbow joint gold instead of bronze. It is not required to paint that part BTW.

Standard HG articulation... too bad it didn't borrow any articulation points here from 0 Gundam. XP

Part 4.4: Legs
Nothing much to say about the feet. Its pretty fat and curvy. O.o

Painted the backside of the knee joints gold instead of bronze as well. It is also optional.

Pretty decent articulation for a single jointed knee though slightly disappointing that Bandai didn't give it a double joint instead.

Part 4.5: Waist

Painted the "V" in front gold and panel line around it.

Quite similar to 0 Gundam's waist but the side skirts are more limited.

Part 4.6: Armaments
Beam Rifle and Bazooka. Beam rifle handle and sensor can move left and right.

Why does Bandai need us to put together those pointy parts? Can't they just mold em' together? =.=

And yes, the chain is really made of metal! Here's proof as it lifts up one of my magnets. XD

The Gundam Hammer... why is it called a hammer anyways?

So many panel lines at the back of the shield. @_@
FYI, the connector on the shield can be rotated a bit so you can either connect it to the back or arm. Neat eh? You don't need any extra connectors to strap it on the back.

Okay, that's all for now. The next part of the review may come tomorrow at best. Haha, the chat room really has me reeled in especially during last weekend when chaos ensued. XD

Read on by going to part 2!


Marzz said...

Ah.... I nid another one of this!
Why dun you join the ongoing rx-78-2 custom group build?

CD said...

No tools/equipment to mod or paint it. Orz.
For now, just straight build. XP

mangyver5223 said...

@ CD:they give the whole white part of beam saber...need to be coloured....but u can connect the pink part of any 1/144 model to backpack's beam saber.....really fit enough

mangyver5223 said...

@CD:err.... my request is....can you make duo-photo action of G30th and 0 Gundam

moemoekyun said...

White stick again as beam saber >_<;

CD said...

@mangyver: Sure, will do. Was planning to do so anyways. ^^

@moe: Darn you Pandai! >_<

chubbybots said...

This kit i vote as the most panel lined kit for a 1/144 scale!!!

Lol...the chat room is crazy!! Henshin!!!

Pika Pika :D

divinelight said...

good one.

does it have difference with normal version? I mean, what's the difference in 30th anniversarry?

CD said...

@chubbs: Yeah, lotsa panel line! And yep, the chat room is pretty much madness! XD

@divine:Well, I don't have the original RX78-2 but as far as I know, the G39th uses HG00 polycaps instead of the usual HGUC ones. HG00 polycaps is stated to be the best so far when it comes to articulation. Something like that if I'm not mistaken.

rockleelotus said...

RX78 awesomeness! that is my first HGUC, fantastic quality. still modding it :P

great review and laying out all the parts ^^ spikeball is called hammer because it goes smashy smashy? lol

Anonymous said...

seamlines at the legs, it's going to hard removing many details along the seam...>.<

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