Sunday, January 17, 2010

HG 1/144 00 Gundam & 0 Raiser Review EX

This is just a simple re-review of the 00 Gundam and the 0 Raiser I did before. I felt that the previous review was too short and lacking some details, so this will review will just be an add-on. Note that some aspects of the 00 Raiser can be referred through this review.

If you wanted a review on the 00 Raiser + GN Sword III, you can read on my Trans-AM Raiser review which comes with the exact same parts except color scheme.

The review sorta came out of the blue. I initially wanted to do a better review on the 00 when I get the 00 Raiser + GN Sword III (which I haven't gotten). ^^;

Note 1: I painted some parts of the 00 Gundam and the 0 Raiser so don't take the color accuracy as an out of box product.

Note 2: I used the red HG action base for most of this review as I was too lazy to take out the green HG base which I gave to my 0 Gundam at that point of time. The later shots with it on the green HG base was taken a while ago.

Part 1: 00 Gundam
Height compared to the empty bottle of chewing gum.
Yes, those are all the stuff that comes with the standard 00. I guess that's the best you can get for 1000 Yen...

Note 3: I think I used the wrong left hand for the 00 there as it isn't panel lined... I kinda put the extra parts of most of my model kits in one box after their reviews. XP

This is one of the best, if not THE best, range of articulation you get in this grade. Note that the beam saber hilts can be put in two types of position (the 1/100 can swivel however).

It has a double jointed abdomen which results in quite a range of movement there!

I actually never tried this until bd77 told me about it... XP
Astray Blue Frame doesn't feel so special anymore... XD

Great articulation all around. It makes all sorts of poses available to the 00.

Shoulder articulation.

A shot of the head articulation. It can front and back as well as a decent amount of up.

Arms installation complete!

GN Sword II - Sword Mode.

GN Sword II - Rifle Mode. I don't like the rifle mode that much though as it is kinda PITA to set up nicely.

The GN Drives can be brought to the front for a *WZC-like defense.
*Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Part 2: 0 Raiser Extra Part - 00's Missing Shields!
Note 4: 00 doesn't come with its shields! This was probably due to the HG being made BEFORE the shields were shown on-screen. Orz.
Config 1: Shields are connected to the GN Drives.

00 Gundam, Setsuna F. Seiei, eliminating the targets!

Config 2: Shields are connected on the arms. The "blade" part can actually be extended, pretty nice.

Config 3: Shields can combine into one large shield by shifting the blue part and connecting them. They kinda like to open up if you move the arm too much though...

Part 3: 0 Raiser

0 Raier's points of articulation. What did you expect from a "jet fighter"?

Part 4: 00 Raiser
Step 1: Split up the 0 Raiser into 3 parts.

Step 2: Extend the rear section of the main body and fold it down.

Step 3: Shift the small "wings" as shown as well as the "clasp" on top of the wing binders. Then, shift the gray connector which was used to connect to the main body up.

Step 4: Self explanatory. Just connect the parts to the 00. Main body to the back while the wing binders goes to the GN Drives.


*insert huge beam here*

Twin GN Sword II! ... *whistles*

Note 5: The 0 Raiser also comes with a new handle part to connect the 2 GN Sword II. I didn't show it in this review though. If you saw my previous review, you would already know it can. ^^;

Part 5: Conclusion
  • Superb articulation.
  • Quite stiff and can stand firmly after combining to form 00 Raiser.
  • GN Drive can hold up the wing binders quite well unlike the 1/100 version...
  • Comes with a simple stand (0 Raiser).
  • Loose V-Fin. Likes to come off...
  • GN Sword II Rifle Mode sucks.
Overall, the 00 Raiser is a really nice kit. This is one of those must buy model kits, you shouldn't ignore it as it gives you a great amount of satisfaction in terms of playability. Don't buy the individual sets though, it is best if you buy the latest variation, which is the 00 Raiser + GN Sword III which gives you all of the weapons it has ever used on the show as well as beam parts! However, if you don't like the 00 Raiser configuration, you can also look at the... 00 Gundam 7 Sword instead!

Okay, that's all for now!


Marzz said...

Yes, i agree. 00 has really great articulation! But thumbs down for its 1/100 counterpart....
Yea, i plan to get both the 00 7s and the 00 raiser with gn sword III!
Haiz...... more $$$ disappear...

Tsukinari said...

Nice detailed review!!.. Hell I didnt know 00 Gundam can do Ultra High Kick!!! lol...

hehe.. getting 00 7S/G too.. but not getting 00 Raiser with gn Sword iii since 7S/G got GN Blaster II now hehe

Cass said...

@Marzz: Me too. Really do want that 00 7S since I saw it in the magazine. *_*

@Tsukinari: I didn't know too until bd77 mentioned it in the chat room! I immediately took my 00 and posed it to try it out. Lo and behold, it can! o.o

Get both! More swords = better! XD

Anonymous said...

so you have all the variant ???
yes 00 have awesome articulation and can stand well (unlike exia ;_;)

Cass said...

For 00?
I only got the 00 Gundam, 0 Raiser and Trans-AM Raiser. ^^

Yeah, the 00 is way more stable than Exia. That's why it is the upgraded model. XP

Anonymous said...

I'll go with OO/7 swords :D
Maybe I'll look for HG 1/100 for OO, so I don't buy two slightly-different kits.

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