Thursday, January 14, 2010

Minor Update to Bootleg Reviews

I promised before but almost didn't keep it. Luckily, I remembered and felt like it.

What promise you ask? Well, it can be considered a minor one but I promised that I upload the manual scans of the TT Hongli HG manuals of Kyrios, Throne Eins and Dynames.

Well, if anyone wants to see em', just go to the review links at the side or below if you are lazy. XP

Note: For those who never read them before, sorry that the reviews can be a bit disappointing as my earlier methods were less intensive. @_@

That's all for tonight. Not really in the mood to do much right at the beginning of my break. Rather take things nice and slow right now.


RJ said...

u got throne eins eh...i searched for it...seems its hard to find now...i got throne drei...hahah...

Cass said...

Yeah, I guess the Throne Eins is quite popular. Must be because of the big guns. XP

I prefer the Throne Zwei over it though. Large swords FTW! >.>

Anonymous said...

You also got Kyrios.
I've compared mine and my friend's Bandai Kyrios.
Yep, a bit different in color and plastic quality.

chubbybots said...

I have the throne eins but unbuild :D Its a very nice design ^^

But throne zwei still pawns with the huge sword especially when piloted by Ali :D


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